Sleep deprivation never felt so good!

The taster days have been a long time in planning, but no amount of planning can ever sort out the inevitable fact – there’s always something you forget.

Nothing could be more true for the Friday evening before our first taster day. The instructors all arrived in good time Friday evening, but with plenty of jobs to do, everyone was incredibly busy. Without boring you all with every single detail [But you can read about it in Mike’s blog post about the event if you want], it ended up with Mike and I touring Tesco at 3am on Saturday morning. After returning, putting everything away, ensuring everything was ready for the arrival of the young people, we finally went to bed at 4:30am.


Despite all of this, I’ve never had more energy on such a small amount of sleep. The positive energy floating around the taster day was immense, and was the fuel we all needed to get through the day – thanks guys!

Put simply, “Sleep deprivation never felt so good” – however It didn’t stop me sleeping like a log on Saturday evening ready for Sunday!


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