Scampton Airshow

The instructors have just returned from a weekend spent at Scampton Airshow trying to raise the profile of Lincoln Navigators locally and further afield. Our initial plan was to try and sell something so as to recoup some of the money the stall costed us and in the end we went for giant marshmallow toasting and guess the number of balloons in the tent to win it! But after health and safety stepped in, the BBQ had to have a barrier around it and the balloons had to be replaced by balls, the costs soon increased and it became evident by the amount of interest in our sales within the first we hours that from a financial point of view, this was not going to work. But that’s not really why we were there!

Some setup took place on Friday but we arrived bright and bleary eyed at 5:30am on Saturday morning (well that was the plan anyway, actual arrival times vary!!). Our first thought as ever was to eat and as we contemplated the coming weekend, we were in ore at paying £5 for a bacon roll. It was evident this was going to be an expensive weekend as well!

Throughout Saturday we had the pleasure of speaking with various members of the public who came to see us at our stall, some to have a go at winning the tent and some to find out more about our organisation and take some information home. This of course would have been possible had we not forgotten our leaflets. But at least we had our branding, Facebook links, website links and promotional video on display. The backing track for this did become somewhat annoying as the day went on though.

We also had the opportunity of course to watch the best of what the RAF and other air forces from around the world had to offer. My personal favourites were the typhoon and the global stars. The red arrows were also excellent as always, even in the heavy rain and thunder storm!! As the typhoon soared off into the distance at some speed (and no doubt was back at Conningsby within seconds) a stampeed of people came from the runway to the bus stop, it appeared the display was over and everybody was leaving. We had a couple more visitors but the 3 hours between 4 and 7 when we were allowed to bring our cars back on site again did drag on a little bit and we filled this gap with the usual Navigator instructor chat.

Finally we were off for the day and we had a few well deserved beers and got some sleep (eventually) ready for the following day. Sunday was probably a little more busy for us. We had existing members drop in, potential members, people who lived in other cities but just wanted to come along to the odd event, potential activity providers and more guesses on the tent. It was definitely the more busy of the 2 days for us but once again as the Typhoon finished, the exodus of people began and we sat to await further instruction just as the rain and heavy wind set in and everything got wet! Great just as we thought it was all going away dry. Eventually we were advised to go and get our cars regardless of anyone stopping us because 60mph winds were on their way and our gazebo and tent were too close to the planes to risk it!!

As I write this blog, I am not long back from dropping a couple of the other guys off so it really has been a long weekend for us however it was certainly worth it. Great to meet everybody who dropped in and as always, proud to display our offering.

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