Behaviour Policy

All young people who attend Lincoln Navigators are expected to behaviour in a polite and courteous way.

Dealing with poor behaviour

When poor behaviour is brought to the attention of an instructor, or an instructor notices poor behaviour, we will attempt to resolve the problem there and then. If there is a re-occurrence of the same issue, we will speak to both the member and their parent(s). If the poor behaviour continues, the instructor’s will discuss whether a period of suspension is appropriate, and how long this will be. If after all of this, the poor behaviour continues, the member may be asked to leave Lincoln Navigators.

During this process, parents may appeal / raise concerns directly with the committee.


Bullying is classed as poor behaviour and will be dealt with as such. All our members have the right to come to Lincoln Navigators without fear of anyone or anything. If you have concerns about bullying, please raise this with an instructor.