Our Instructors

Our instructors have a combined 20 years working with young people. All of them bring a range of different skill sets to Lincoln Navigators.

Alex Edwards


In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing his bass guitar, and looking after his pet tortoise! As a relatively young instructor and one who has been through similar youth organisations as a child member, Alex understands where our pitfalls could be and how we can avoid them. He has a great interest in all bush-craft skills. He has a collection of various woodcraft and survival tools and is passionate about sharing passing these skills on.

Tom Edwards

"General Melchett in training"

Tom loves spending time outdoors whether its with Navigators or just with his friends. He is a collector of bushcraft tools and weaponry to compliment his interest in the outdoors. When he is not studying or outside, he enjoys relaxing with his family and friends and is a keen fan of film and gaming. Although Tom is a relatively young instructor, he has plenty of experience in other outdoor youth organisations and so is competent in all the activities we do, including camping. He is a friendly, happy and approachable character for the young people to look up to. Tom…

Sam Martin

"Hands on and Practical"

Sam is very knowledgeable in a lot of practical skills including DIY and this is also one of his hobbies. He likes walking and playing with his dog Molly, Game of Thrones and gaming. Sensible and level headed, Sam is also the group treasurer and is very generous with his time and donating it to Navigators. Sam has a particular interest in range sports such as archery and shooting and just loves putting on the activities we do for our young members.

Matt Moore

"Revolutionary, Never Settling and Providing the Best"

Matt was a Scout Leader for 6 years and so has a fantastic understanding of the great outdoors and the community. In his spare time, Matt enjoys playing golf, football and spending time with his young family. He is also on the Hykeham Tigers Committee like Michael and similarly to his role in that organisation, he drives Lincoln Navigators forwards by never settling for average but instead always questioning the status quo and striving to be the best we can be in our area. Matt's other skill set is graphics design, and the Lincoln Navigators branding is the result of Matt's great talents.

Mike Moore

"Fairness, Equality and Technology!"

Michael was a Scout Leader for 12 years so brings with him loads of experience of the great outdoors and providing these experiences to young people. His passion is being fully inclusive for all young people. This is why he set up Hykeham Tigers JFC in 2005 with an aim of bringing football for all, regardless of ability, a project which was hugely popular and a football club which now has over 200 members. He is still the chairman at that club but felt that a similar approach could be taken to the great outdoors, by bringing the great outdoors…