Off to an adventurous start!

So our programme for September is out! I’ll start with how we have come up with this. True to our roots, we did not have a formal meeting, we didn’t even have an informal meeting. We know that to come up with the best ideas and keep the programme focused on the outdoors, we had to be in the zone. So our planning for the first couple of months took place between the instructors, at a campsite as we laid under the stars last Saturday, under clear sky looking for the Perseid Meteor shower. We were indeed treated to some amazing sights as the usual city lights which stop us from seeing the stars and all the have to offer were far away. Away from the city, quiet, clear sky at night and sharing a few beers with good friends, what could be better!

We shared a number of ideas about how the evenings would go, certain activities we definitely wanted to include and others which we did not. One thing during the discussions was as clear as the night sky itself, we have a great team of instructors all wishing to focus on providing outdoor and adventurous activities for the young people. There were absolutely no suggestions which required us to have a community centre or hall and we thought in the end that having somewhere like this would only make the programme less adventurous and eat into the budget for actually providing the activities. So that idea was quickly dropped and we decided to vary our location from week to week, to make the most of the facilities available to us.

Among the talk of all the different activities we could do and what we were going to do if it rained (put on a coat!), there were some more extreme ideas, like “Can we buy a forest?”. Well perhaps if one of us won the lottery that could be done but for now we are looking at using the facilities which Lincoln and the surrounding area has to offer and after some research, this is actually quite a lot.

We did discuss beyond September, but programmes will be revealed month by month so keep an eye on the website for what we will be doing in October towards the middle of September. All I can say is that we are going to have a great time delivering this and I hope that all our members will have an equally good time attending as they learn to love the outdoors, learn valuable life skills and just have fun!

We are very pleased that in just a couple of weeks, we will be starting!!!

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